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© 2004-2018 KandiComp, LLC. KandiComp, Kairos and "Experience Sweet Computing" are registered trademarks of KandiComp, LLC, and may not be reproduced or used without the expressed permission of KandiComp, LLC.

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© 2004-2018 KandiComp, LLC. KandiComp, Kairos and "Experience Sweet Computing" are registered trademarks of KandiComp, LLC, and may not be reproduced or used without the expressed permission of KandiComp, LLC.

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KandiComp takes good care of all your computing needs at very reasonable rates.

KandiComp  can upgrade your computer to make it work faster and better using the latest technology available.  We repair almost all brands of Computers and other computer equipment.  We Install and upgrade most computer parts. We Install Operating Systems: DOS, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, macOS, iOS, Unix, etc.  We install and configure all provided software according to your personal needs.  We remove viruses, Rootkits, Ransomware, Trojan Horse infections, Spyware, Adware, and other hindrances to your computer productivity.  We teach classes to broaden your computer proficiency and comfort level.  We instruct and consult to support for your E-Commerce ventures.

Special Pricing-

Don’t forget to ask for our specially-priced service offers for churches and other non-profit organizations.  We also have discount service packages for small businesses.  Individuals will really appreciate our special membership offers- ask about them!

Free visits & Estimates-

KandiComp’s proven easy & fast service includes free visits in most service areas surrounding Kandiyohi County.  Free visits are exempt from our Customers in Service Contracts and/or Warranty Repairs.  Customer must arrange pick up/ drop off & shipping.  Estimates are solely dependent on your Computer Repair/Services/Networking Services and Our Tech Support ‘s  diagnosis. They might suggest a shipping option.  Toll Road Charges & Parking Charges are also applied.  Insurance Claim purposed Estimates are charged with nominal charges.

Our Service Pledge-

KandiComp can sometimes repair computers at your place. But that is not always possible when our Staff needs additional hardware, software, test modules, or if the work is very time consuming and mechanical. Ask for our business cards so you will have record of our contact information.

How to Pay for your Service Order-

When KandiComp is done performing our services we  will give you a call to process your payment. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards.  Company Checks are welcomed. Personal checks are accepted provided payment is made before Customer receives repaired computer equipment.  All payments are due upon completion of job.  If we order parts for you, payment of parts is due at time of order.  No COD accepted without our prior consent. If you miss receiving your COD, the payment will be charged to your credit card prior to next delivery. And if we agree to do COD it will be Banker's Check Only. No Personal Checks accepted in COD shipping.  Customer is liable for To - From shipping charges.

Acceptable Payment Methods-

• Cash

• Company Check ( with prior approval)

• VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards, current, with identification

• Personal Check with identification (Note: Returned checks degrade your credit line.  Each returned check will be charged with $30 penalty for each returned submission).

Payment is due at completion of work. Invoiced orders are only accepted with prior approval from KandiComp’s Service Staff.  So if your company has an Accounting Department handle the payments, be sure you get prior approval from them before we start work.

Late charges are also applicable in case of late invoice payments.

Service Contracts-

 Residential Customers-  Our Computer Repair Services are not limited to one time machine repair. As an expansion of our services we offer a Yearly Maintenance Service Contracts with Flat Rate. Ask about options.  Where remote access services are not available, Customer has to  arrange for pick ups & drop offs. Customer Pays for Parts.  Year starts from First Invoice Date.  Service Contract covers one individual Computer/Laptop- not one customer. So if you have two Computers/Laptops and you want to sign up with yearly contract for Computer/Laptop/Notebook Repair & Maintenance for both of them you should have two-Computer/Laptop/Notebook service contracts, one service contract for each.  When signed up with Service Contract, Customers will be assigned their service contract number.  They can mention that number to our Support Staff when requesting services. Your unique service contract number helps our engineer to pull up your account and service records with us.  Go ahead and sign up for our service contract to save!!!

Business Customers-  Our PRIORITY Business Networking/Repair Service Contracts depend upon your existing network setup, network design, type, expected labor hours, required setups, installation, upgrades, maintenance, network infrastructure and security needs.  We work at an hourly rate of $85.00. We provide skilled prompt service for your business.  Let us work with you to best determine your needs and to provide an effective solution.

Please note- Unless we are contractually teaching a repair course (as in a seminar setting), KandiComp doesn't teach customers "how to repair".  Repairs and upgrades are our business. So please don't ask for that. We won’t perform any in-store services in front of customers on flat rate basis. If you feel that you would be more confident when our Staff performs services in front of you, please make certain that charges will be based on KandiComp’s “repair-and-teach” hourly rate.  Minimum time period charged will be one hour, and service charge will be $190 per hour.

All information contained herein is subject to change without prior notice at KandiComp’s discretion.

KandiComp, LLC       March 26th, 2018