3 Great Repair and Service Options:

IN PERSON where you are
KandiComp can diagnose and repair computer and network components onsite.

Sometimes this is the preferred method. Other times, it is the only available option.

There are other times when your computer may require advanced diagnosis and repairs, when parts may need to be ordered and shipped in, or when the costs associated with onsite services become prohibitive due to an extended length of time. It is then a better solution to have your computer repaired at our facilities.

Let our trained support staff determine the most reliable, stable, and secure method to resolve all your computer issues.
KandiComp support specialists, with the use of highly secure remote support tools, will diagnose, repair, and secure your computer as if they were seated right next to you. We deploy a suite of diagnostic and computer repair software to accurately find the root of any computer problems you're having and fix it quickly if possible.

Prior to commencing support, our staff will simply explain what your PC's problems are and how we would proceed fixing them. All technical support tasks are carried out using industry and vendor recommended (Microsoft, Apple, etc.) best practices.
PC Maintenance

Please note: Effective remote repairs depend on a reliable high speed Internet connection and relatively stable computer performance.
Your most cost-effective diagnosis and repair option is to let KandiComp work on your computer at their facilities.

Most of the time this is the preferred method. You can rest assured knowing we have all the hardware and software tools - and the highest available Internet connection speed in the region - to get your computer into top shape. We are comprehensive, highly trained, dependable, and we provide prompt speedy service.

We don't need your monitor, mouse, keyboard, power cord (except for notebook computers), or anything else that connects to your computer, unless that is part of the problem.

Call or E-mail to schedule your appointment today. Walk-ins are welcome too. Let our trained suport staff determine the most reliable, stable, and secure method to resolve all your computer issues.
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