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Limitations of Liability & Warranty

• Customer hereby assumes all risk of loss of data from any and all causes or in any way related to or resulting from the sales, repair, or service by KandiComp.

• Customer hereby releases KandiComp from any claim or liability related to any loss of data. Please be sure you take or have back up of your data before purchasing our services. We must be very clear here that if you have important data in your computer, make sure to backup your data and buy insurance before shipping / dropping off computer at our store for services/ or before scheduling pick up from your place.

• We care about customer's privacy and we don't disclose or discuss Service Order/ Invoice with other then customer who signed the Service Order.

KandiComp will not be responsible for any items left over 30 days from the date of the service request.  Said items are thereafter considered surrendered in lieu of payment.   Customer should arrange his/her own pick up from KandiComp within 30 Days from the date of the service request and should present proof of purchase (Service Order / Invoice).

• If we have ordered parts for you, payment is due at the time of order. In case of denial of payment, we will take action provided by law.

• We do not accept wrongly ordered parts back. We cannot accept electronic equipment or parts for return once they have been used.  We cannot accept software for return once packaging has been opened.  So be sure you check compatibility before ordering.

• Service requests are performed on a first come-first serve basis and KandiComp doesn't promise any turn around repair time when we have ordered parts from out of state. Repair Service depends upon arrival of ordered products. We try to complete our service orders as fast as possible. If we have ordered parts for you, shipping might take 10-15 business days or more depending upon availability of parts and demand. We only use timely Vendors; but due to factors beyond our control, we cannot promise any turn around time period for repairs which depends upon ordered parts & shipping companies. We are not responsible for shipping mishandling or shipping time. We don't promise any fast shipping.  If customer feels that shipping time is very crucial. Customer should arrange his own shipping and customer should deal with shipping companies on his own.

• We only provide 7 Days Exchange for in-store New Products.

• We only provide 7 days DOA warranty (dead on arrival). After that time, Customer has to deal with Manufacturer on his/her own.

• Used or Refurbished products are not covered in any warranty by KandiComp, and we do not accept any returns for used items. They are sold in as-is condition and KandiComp only provides a Dead-On-Arrival 7 days Exchange policy.

• Used/Refurbished/Pulled products might have wear & tear marks or scratches. They are sold " AS-IS ".

• Customer must obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from us before returning products to us in case of Dead On Arrival.

• Copy of invoice/Service Order must be presented with returned items. We won’t be able to accept merchandise back without the receipt.

KandiComp does not accept returned electronic items, since how they are used and handled offsite integrity cannot be verified.  Electronic items may be exchanged for the same item at our discretion. All items  must be in packed in original boxes with all accessories and manuals included. Final approval is contingent upon receipt and inspection of returned items, which must be received, in undamaged and good condition.

• Our Support Staff will test products returned as defective. There will be a charge for testing products with no defects.

• Be sure you understand the status of any warranties your product(s) may have as well as the charges for out of warranty work.

• RMA Number(s) must be written on each carton returned to carrier, all claims for shortage or damage goods must be made within three days after receipt of shipment.  RMA Numbers given are good for 7 Days only. Returns must be shipped freight prepaid.

• Shipping and Handling charges will be deducted from any credits, refunds, or RMAs.

• Service charges are not refundable. If we have provided you estimated charges, and in the event actual repair charges vary from estimated charges, and you do not want to proceed with services or repairs, you must pay service charges. In case of denial of service charges, we will take actions provided by law. So please be certain that you understand: KandiComp does not offer any free services unless previously provided in writing by our Staff on service order, invoice, or  our special offers.

• No Returns for Software or Printers.

KandiComp will not be responsible for loss or Damage caused by fire, theft, testing or any other causes beyond our control.

Unless we are contractually teaching a repair course (as in a seminar setting), KandiComp does not teach customers "how to repair".  Repairs and upgrades are our business. So please do not ask for that. We will not perform any in-store services in front of customers on flat rate basis. If you feel that you would be more confident when our Staff performs services in front of you, please make certain that charges will be based on KandiComp’s “repair-and-teach” hourly rate.  Minimum time period charged will be one hour, and service charge will be a minimum $190 per hour, depending on the topic.

All warranty and limit of liability information is subject to change without prior notice at KandiComp’s discretion.

KandiComp, LLC       March 26th, 2018